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ISC at SC State sponsors events that encourage scholarship and discussion related to intersectionality, a framework with the goal of understanding how aspects of individual identity (which can include but are not limited to race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and religion) intersect to construct different degrees of power and powerlessness.

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If you have already registered for the 2022 ISC, be sure to check the email you supplied during registration for information about how to access the ISC Sessions online.

IS: The Intersectional Studies Journal is a forthcoming online, open-access, and peer-reviewed scholarly journal.  The first issue will be the proceedings of the 2021 ISC with expanded versions of selected conference papers.

The 2022 ISC will be remote.  The theme for the 2022 ISC is "Cultural Crossroads in the Global Village."  Click below for more information and for registration.

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1.) Black Lives Matter protest against St. Paul police brutality; Fibonacci Blue; 20 September 2015;
2.) The 98th Regiment of Foot at the attack on Chin-Kiang-Foo (Zhenjiang) 21 July 1842; unknown; public domain:
3.) A Representation of the American MeToo Movement (12 November 2017); Donna Rotunno; 16 July 2020; "Munk Debates: Debating the #MeToo Movement" National Post, National Post, 16 July 2020,
4.) George Clive and his Family with an Indian Maid; Joshua Reynolds; 1765; public domain:

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